Template Elements

A auth's login status can be checked with the is_auth() function, and the profile data can be returned via the auth() function, e.g.:

    {% if is_auth() %}
        {% set auth = auth() %}

        <p>Hello, {{ auth.displayname }}. You were last seen at {{ auth.lastseen }},
        logging on from {{ auth.lastip }}, and your email is {{ auth.email }}</p>
    {% else %}
        <p>Welcome visitor from the Internet!</p>
    {% endif %}


Roles can be added in one of two ways, either the roles: key in the configuration file, or via events.

To check if a auth account has a role, you can use the Twig function auth_has_role(). This function takes a string as the parameter.

    {% if auth_has_role('admin') %}
        <h1>Greetings, master!</h1>
    {% endif %}


The roles: subkey auth: takes an associative array of role names and human readable labels as values, e.g.:

        admin: Administrator
        participant: Participant


Not currently implemented